New prospects through qualified business meetings.

Bisfront has great experience with helping consulting businesses with initiating business meetings with potential prospects. We help our clients to get in touch with the appropriate companies and respective decision maker.

New leads!

Bisfront’s services in initiating qualified business meetings starts with the progress of putting together a target group. The target group is consistent of interesting companies and leads that match the need of our clients. We help our clients to arrange qualified business meetings that hopefully leads to new business connections. We target the right companies and the appropriate decision maker on behalf of our clients.

Your integrated and qualified business partner

We at Bisfront work together with our clients in a close and integrated work process. Our clients are always assigned a project manager who runs the process of the finding new prospects.

The process of booking meetings

Together with our clients we form out a communication plan towards the companies of the target group. The communication plan will then be acted out by the assigned project manager. Through telephone and emailing our project manager will the find the perfect matches for our clients and the book meetings is the interest is mutual.

The advantages

To let us help you with finding new potential business connections through qualified business meetings has many advantages.
1. Our clients get the opportunity to focus on the core of their business since we do the marketing and searching of prospects for them. This will lead to more efficient work for our clients.

2. We are specialists in designing the type of appropriate communication plan that leads to a higher rate of successful bookings.

3. Bisfront has a database of demographic data about companies and their respective decision maker. We have access to all the essential contact information. 4. Bisfront’s uses a success-rated form of compensation and is in most cases 100 % successful.

5. Bisfront is consistent of five business segments, IT, Media, HR, Finace and Consulting which makes us more qualified and likely to find the perfect matches for our clients within their field.

I want to know more!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about how we can help you!  

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