Founded in 2006

Bisfront was founded in 2006 as a entrepreneur driven business and has grown with the pace of the increasing interest of different clients. The business idea was to found a company within the genre of initiating qualified business meetings. A "matchmaking” service company who would be able to work integrated with b2b-companies.

Awarded as one of Swedens fastest growing companies

In 2011 Bisfront was awarded by the newspaper Dagens Industri as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden. The growth in the business has been organic and the expansion continues. In the same year Bisfront was also awarded by the business magazine "Veckans Affärer" as one of Swedens "Super-companies"

Bisfront Today

Today Bisfront is represented in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and has over 60 fulltime employees. Our clients are consulting businesses that wants help with finding new business connections.

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